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Menara Kadin, Jakarta | 13 – 14 November 2014 |  Rp 3.500.000 / peserta



Mengapa Knowledge Management (KM) ?

Skenario 1: Ada tugas yang perlu dilakukan. Tugas ini sudah pernah diselesaikan dengan baik oleh orang lain dalam organisasi yang sama. Pegawai yang bertugas mengerjakan tugas kali ini tidak mengetahui bahwa tugas sudah pernah dilakukan, sehingga mereka memulai dari awal. Penyelesaian tugas memakan waktu lebih lama dari seharusnya

Skenario 2: Seorang pegawai membuat kesalahan yang menimbulkan kerugian bagi perusahaan. Dua minggu kemudian, di cabang lain, seorang pegawai lain membuat kesalahan yang sama. Kini kerugian menjadi dua kali lipat.
Saat Anda ingin mengetahui apa yang diketahui dalam seluruh organisasi, Anda membutuhkan Knowledge Management.

Skenario 3: Seorang pegawai masuk ke dalam perusahaan. Dia bekerja selama 25 tahun, kemudian pensiun atau berpindah ke perusahaan lain. Pegawai lain tidak tahu cara melaksanakan pekerjaan si pegawai lama secara efektif. Mempekerjakan pegawai baru dan pemberian latihan akan memakan waktu dan biaya terlalu lama.
Saat terjadi Knowledge Walkout, Anda membutuhkan Knowledge Management untuk menyimpan dan menahan pengetahuan.

Skenario 4: Perusahaan hendak melaksanakan sebuah tender bisnis, tapi bisnis atau layanan ternyata dianggap ketinggalan dibandingkan perusahaan lain.
Saat produk, jasa atau kompetensi pegawai perusahaan perlu dikembangkan, Anda membutuhkan Knowledge Management.

Skenario 5: Perusahaan tidak dapat, dengan cara apapun, mengalahkan pemimpin pasar (market leader) dari segi penyediaan produk dan jasa.
Saat kuantitas dan kualitas Inovasi perlu ditingkatkan, Anda membutuhkan Knowledge Management.

Knowledge Management Framework

Kerangka kerja dalam Knowledge Management terdiri dari tiga elemen utama, yaitu:

  • People: pengembangan budaya dan lingkungan yang kondusif dan efektif dalam berbagi pengetahuan
  • Process: metode berbagi pengetahuan dan penanaman dalam proses pekerjaan sehari-hari
  • Technology: infrastruktur dalam aktivitas berbagi pengetahuan, seperti kolaborasi atau penarikan & penyimpanan pengetahuan

Bentuk implementasi KM dalam sebuah Organisasi akan tergantung dari jenis kebutuhan KM dalam Organisasi tersebut. Pertanyaannya adalah: “Bagaimana KM dapat membantu kami melaksanakan tugas sehari-hari?”
Dalam membentuk sebuah Rencana KM yang akan menjawab pertanyaan di atas, terdapat 4 pertanyaan yang perlu dijawab:

  1. Apakah tujuan bisnis dari Perusahaan / Organisasi?
  2. Apa saja aktivitas utama yang dilakukan untuk mencapai tujuan tersebut?
  3. Apa saja Pengetahuan Penting (critical knowledge) yang dibutuhkan untuk melakukan aktivitas tersebut? Dimanakah Pengetahuan Penting tersebut berada di dalam Perusahaan?
  4. Apa cara terbaik untuk mengelola Pengetahuan tersebut?

Training Implementasi Knowledge Management akan memberikan penjelasan lebih dalam mengenai Knowledge Management, Kerangka Kerja Implementasi KM, dan Rencana KM yang dapat diaplikasikan di perusahaan Anda.

Training Leader :

Lucky Esa / Arief Aziz dan Rayanti Binawan

Arief Aziz is a knowledge partner with Insight Knowledge Partners. Arief has been long involved with, and passionate about, the Knowledge Management world. He studied in the area of information technology where he graduated from the faculty of computer science, Universitas Indonesia.
Arief has been successful in carrying out KM projects in many companies in various industries, from state owned enterprises to private companies in the banking, energy, consulting, finance industries and non-governmental agencies. As Lead Consultant he has executed projects such as building & maintaining Communities of Practice (CoP), designing collaboration tools, KM Roadmap & Policy, KM Campaign, Knowledge Sharing events and others.
He has also spoke in may conferences, seminars, and workshops on the topic of Knowledge Management. Several with ITB’s School of Business and Management, along with Prof. Jann Hidajat; the Information and Knowledge Management Summit 2009; and other privately held corporate events.
Arief’s consulting experience blended with his interpersonal and project management skills, are the strengths that he brought to his previous projects, delivering satisfaction and success to his clients.

Rayanti Binawan

Rayanti Binawan is the director of Insight Knowledge Partners. She has more than 20 years working experience in engineering, human resources and knowledge management. Her educational background and experience give her flavor of a strong analytical and cooperative business approach. Her working experience in one of the Multinational Oil Companies, ARCO, exposed her to work in multicultural environment with a strong emphasis on working to perfection.
Having received her Engineers Degree in Petroleum Engineering from Trisakti University, she received an educational assistance grant by ARCO Indonesia to pursue her Master Degree in Business Administration at University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles. While she was studying at USC, she was doing a consulting job for Semiconductor Research Corporation in expanding their membership to Europe. This job brought her into contact with several big European companies like Philips (the Netherlands), SGS-Thomson (France), Siemens (Germany) and Alcatel (Belgium).
After completing her master degree, she was assigned to work in ARCO Head Quarter, Los Angeles. Her assignments were wide-ranging, from recruitment to establishment of a comprehensive Human Resources Development System for ARCO.
These past years, Rayanti has been working with a group of professionals to provide consulting services, training and one on one coaching for several companies like: Indonesia Power, BP Indonesia, Prime Resources, BPKP (Indonesian’s Government Institution for Internal Auditor, BPMIGAS (Indonesian Institution for Coordinating Oil & Gas Industries), PetroChina, Vico, MedcoEnergi, Sucofindo, ANJ,  BFI  and others. With this group of professionals, Rayanti established the Mitra Tri-Atma consulting firm, which focuses on Knowledge Management with its brand Insight Knowledge Partners. She is now collaborating even more closely with her national and international network of professionals to provide quality services for supporting Knowledge Management for the organization, especially on developing company policies, roadmaps, and setting up Communities of Practice (CoP).

Investment Fee:

Rp 3.500.000 / peserta


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